Company Overview

OXYCOM is a Dutch company specialized in the development and production of components for adiabatic cooling, indirect evaporative cooling, dew point cooling and heat recovery.


The two main products of OXYCOM are the OXYCELL and the OXYVAP:


    • The OXYCELL is an indirect evaporative cooler for the summer that acts also as a very efficient heat recovery unit during the winter. It’s the only four season component of its kind available on the market.
    • The OXYVAP is a direct evaporative cooler, which can be used for adiabatic cooling during the summer in a ventilation system, as a pre-cooler of the air for a condenser coil, or as a humidifier inside an air handling unit during the winter.



The OXYCOM products for cooling and heat recovery have a patented technology and allow for sustainable air conditioning with:


    • Energy savings up to 90%. OXYCOM's products have massive impact on:
      • Energy consumption
      • Peak load for electricity networks
    • High quality indoor air through frequent ventilation
    • No use of chemicals (HFC based refrigerants)
    • Use of water as a natural refrigerant (R718)
    • Easy to install and almost no maintenance
    • Similar price level as inefficient and polluting traditional products



Since 2006 OXYCOM is fully focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative components for indoor climate control systems such as the OXYCELL® heat exchanger and OXYVAP® pad. The company is no longer involved in the production of OXYCELL® based ventilation/cooling units.

For information on servicing of the OXYCELL® ventilation/cooling units produced and marketed by OXYCOM between 2003 and 2005 please refer to the service website



OXYCOM Headquarters

The OXYCOM headquarters

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