Application Concepts


The OXYCOM R&D department is well equipped to perform OXYCELL® and OXYVAP® performance simulations for applications under specific climate conditions. Performance data reports are available upon request. Please contact us with your specific needs or click on the link for a Sample Page of a Performance Data Report.



Based upon our in-house experience integrating the OXYCELL® and the OXYVAP® into a wide variety of indoor climate control systems, OXYCOM actively supports its customers in the development of application concepts as illustrated by the examples below.



Design study OXYCELL® based ALL SEASON ventilation system

OXYCELL based ventilation system

Dimensions (H x L x W) : 950 mm x 3 300 mm x 2 030 mm (37.4" x 129.9" x 79.9")
Supply air capacity : 9 000 m3/h (5 297 CFM)
Heat recovery efficiency : 85-90%
ALL SEASON : Energy efficient indirect evaporative cooling up to 80% reduction in energy consumption



OXYCELL® based hybrid air handling unit


Air handling unit combining OXYCELL® technology, conventional mechanical and direct evaporative technology to provide set-point cooling in the most energy efficient manner, achieving a reduction in energy consumption of 50-60% versus conventional mechanical cooling systems. The supply air capacity is 850 m3/h (500 CFM).



De-central OXYVAP® based direct evaporative cooler

OXYVAP direct evaporative cooler

Dimensions (H x L x W) : 669 mm x 327 mm x 684 mm (26.3" x 12.9" x 26.9")
Supply air capacity : 2 250 m3/h (1 324 CFM)
Evaporative efficiency : 90%
Pressure drop : 60 Pa (0.24 inch WC)
Typical cooling capacity : 3.6 kW (12.4 kBTU/h)



OXYVAP® based direct evaporative cooler 

QuattroBreeze exploded viewQuattroBreeze

OXYCOM co-developed OXYVAP® based compact “In Roof” Direct Evaporative Cooler

This product has won the Australian Good Design Award for 2015 in the Hardware and Building category. 

To read more, click here


Dimensions (H x L x W) : 750 mm x 1 424 mm x 550 mm (29.5" x 56.1" x 21.7") Good Design Award
Supply air capacity : 8 600 m3/h (5 062 CFM)
Evaporative efficiency : 85.4%
Typical cooling capacity : 11.5 kW (39.1 kBTU/h)




OXYCELL® HR based heat recovery window ventilation unit 

OXYCELL based window ventilation unit

Dimensions (H x L x W) : 105 mm x 100 mm x 600 mm (4.1" x 3.9" x 23.6")
Supply Air Capacity : 75 m3/h (44 CFM)
Heat Recovery Efficiency : 80%
Pressure Drop : 10 Pa (0.040 inch WC)
Energy Consumption : 22 W




OXYCELL® based automotive ventilation system

 OXYCELL based mobile cooler

Cabin Cooler design for automotive ventilation and cooling applications such as trucks, buses, mobile homes and caravans. The supply air capacity is 400 m3/h (235 CFM) with a typical supply air temperature of 18-20 °C (64-68 °F).





The following movie shows an example of a solar powered air conditioner developed by CSIRO in Australia using the OXYCELL® Dew Point Cooler in combination with a desiccant wheel:



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